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Bitcoin spearheaded the digital currency market, and ever since then more altcoins have been showing up. There are as of now more than 16 million bitcoins available for use,each one worth over $1,000, making it the most important cryptographic money there is. All things considered, bitcoin’s supply is strangely little, if we compare it with probably the most broadly available digital currencies.

As per CoinMarketCap, there are as of now more than 182 billion bytecoins available for use, and bytecoin miners get approximately 65,000 BCN at regular intervals as a reward. This verification of work cryptocurrency is easy to mine on an average computer and offers zero-charge transactions, as well as security and privacy. At this moment, one bytecoin isn’t worth a lot at $0.000054, yet the group really believes things will change. Provided that this is true, bytecoin would be an awesome investment, as the return on investment would be mind blowing if one coin achieves a value of just $0.01.

Dogecoin began off as a joke, in late 2013. The community, notwithstanding, made dogecoin a thing and soon enough, this decentralized shared currency, became one of the greatest altcoins for some time, until the point that it’s value crashed. It uses the Shibu Inu dog from the Doge meme as its mascot, and the available supply is of 108 billion doges, each one of them value at $0.000204.

Ripple, an open-source payments framework and a cryptocurrency utilized inside that system. Ripple is a pre-mined digital currency that has just been embraced by a couple of major financial institutions, and there are right now 37 billion XRP available for use, every one worth $0.005836, prompting a market cap of $216 million – Ripple is as of now the third greatest cryptographic money there is.

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