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7 Must See London Museums For Free

To be able to absorb the historical past and traditions in London does not necessarily mean you have to break your budget. Regardless if you are in this capital city for pleasure or business, getting some time out to go to the major museums is a must. There are several museums inside London that are free, though several may charge to explore selected displays, which you may consider when you arrive.

British Museum

The British Museum has become the most well-known of the London museums, which also offers visitors with free admittance, although you might need to pay entry into a selection of their short-term displays. The British Museum is among the oldest museums, and it is home to numerous objects from mummies towards the famous Rosetta Stone and a whole lot more.

National Gallery

The National Gallery is a leading art gallery which is also free entry. The exhibit goes back to 1824 which you can learn over 2000 works of art from several of the leading names in art from all over the world. If you have a real love for art, then this gallery shouldn’t be surpassed of your plans for London.

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is the biggest of its kind globally, located in the centre of Greenwich, storing various substantial objects that chart Britain’s rich history on the ocean. The museum features the world’s biggest maritime library with more than 100,000 volumes, which includes books from the 15th century, along with artifacts, ancient shipping records and Royal Naval clothing including Nelson’s Trafalgar coat.

National History Museum

This is the most visited museums in the whole of London and also offers free entry with specific displays needing a minimal admittance fee. The National History Museum has 70 million artifices from plants to animals and fossils. Here you will discover a dinosaur skeleton or go to the ocean life area. It is intriguing and educational and a must for the entire family when visiting London.

Museum of London

The Museum of London provides you with some history from the prehistoric era through to the modern day. This museum is about London and has rebuilt interiors to road scenes. Additionally, you will be able to view several of the old digs and a host of non-permanent displays when going to this top museum.

Victoria and Albert Houses

Victoria and Albert Houses are the places to find decorative arts. The arts you are able to discover in this popular museum visited by thousands every year consists of everything from ceramics and sculptures to prints. The museum is a heritage of British design dating back to Henry VIII up to Queen Elizabeth and is a museum which is confirmed to interest the whole family.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is among the top museums for families since it accommodates to every age group. This free entry museum is entirely interactive and filled with flight simulators a whole bunch more. Parents and children will discover extreme joy in seeing this engaging and educational museum arranged over seven floors.

Whenever you visit London, make sure you talk to your hotel concierge and find out where they recommend you visit around the local area along with taking advantage of the fantastic museums and galleries all through London, to get a good feel for the area.

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