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Bing Started to Ban Cryptocurrency Ads

Banning cryptocurrency ads was first done by Google, announcing the public that they will no longer allow ads that promote using digital money on all its online platforms. Crypto exchanges, coin offerings, cryptocurrency trading devices and cryptocurrency wallets were no longer allowed to plug such ads. This news became such a big blow to the cryptocurrency market that it sent the price of bitcoin down. Twitter and Facebook Inc. also announced a similar system after that.

Now, Microsoft just recently declared that their search engine Bing will ban cryptocurrency ads joining the popular ad promoters Facebook, Twitter and Google. Bing ads will no longer allow unregulated binary options or fixed return options because they deem these things as risky due to the fact that they are susceptible to fraud. Microsoft stated that cryptocurrencies are very difficult to minimize due to its unregulated use. This poses a risk to its users, with the probability for advantageous people to use it primarily for unfavorable schemes, or scam other consumers.

A new form of digital identity on the internet that focuses on blockchain technology has also been announced by Microsoft, creating a more stabilized and secured digital hub that can store an individual’s identity data and easily control access to it.

Along with its related services and products, cryptocurrency, together with pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes or investments that rely on adding members to a scheme are on Microsoft’s ban list. They have also considered banning virtual currencies that are made to promote illegal purposes. These include money laundering and the promotion of fake virtual currencies.

They have been constantly evaluating its program guidelines to ensure that their consumers and digital advertisers have a secure and engaging moments on Bing. Microsoft’s Bing Ads believe that this step will allow them to protect its users from these potential risk factors.

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