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Chris Freville’s name is a popular one that pops up in searches regarding making money online, creating revenue with Google AdWords, and tricks for boosting affiliate marketing sales. His ebook, “Web 2.0 Stampede” earned him a name among other savvy Internet marketers and offered the public a look at how he made money online, and how they could replicate his methods.

His newest book, “Auto Cash Funnel”, or “ACF,” talks about direct links and how to use them to generate revenue. In fact, “ACF” was tried out by different test subjects, with positive results. While some customers did not opt to quit their day jobs (claiming they enjoyed their daily work routines), these customers were able to make a substantial amount of money on campaigns over weekends, by implementing Chris Freville’s methods and only a small amount of work. Many customers see as much as a 480% return on their investments through using the methods found in “ACF”.

If you have been wary about trying to make money online, check out the “ACF” website for more information before making an educated decision. The site can be found at:

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