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Going green, it must be said, started out as something of a trend. Unlike most trends, however, it also happened to be good for the planet – so good that embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle is still trendy and still good for the planet. At the height of its trend appeal, businesses all over the place started promoting themselves as green – and, in many cases, it worked to draw in new business and customers. The thing is, going green is not only good for your target market and the planet, it’s also good for your bottom line.

For example, one eco-friendly initiative you can take is to simply create a paperless office. It makes practical sense, as much of today’s consumers prefer getting texts or emails instead of junk snail mail. It also reduces paper waste, of course, plus it’s more efficient. Digital printing, which uses a non-toxic toner, is another option, as it reduces potentially dangerous chemical waste. Similarly, when you offer deals, coupon codes, catalogs, and so on, make them digital and share them over the internet – especially social media.

Other options are small but immensely helpful, such as keeping the office stocked with reusable pens, introducing recycling programs, using recycled paper, and keeping your mailing lists updated so you don’t risk sending actual mail to people who aren’t interested. The trick of using refurbished printers, computers, and faxes is helpful, as is making the most of the multi-functional machines.

Even telecommuting options can help your business go green. It’s something to consider, not just as a means to please customers, but also as a way to improve your bottom line.

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