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Why Millennials Crave In-Person Collaboration …

When it comes to managing millennials, it’s a hard task to do. Millennials are the future and while they can be difficult to manage, you have to understand how to. The first, is their need for anything in-person, especially when it comes to collaboration. They do not necessarily want to have everything electronic thrown at them, instead, they want that personal attention, the in-person activities and the constant feedback from management. If you plan on employing a millennial work force, don’t worry, we have your back on how you can keep up with the trends.

1. They need more social media integration at work

While most people want to keep their social media and their work life separate, that is not something that millennials like to do. They want to integrate it into their life, their total life. They might friend their bosses, they might want to make sure that everyone in their workplace sees what they’re up to and what they are doing.

2. They want readily available advice

This is a big one to understand if you are going to deal with millennials, they like to have advice available to them. They want someone that is going to be wiser than them to give them that advice and not make them feel stupid or needy. Be ready for that.

3. They are constantly on their phones

Finally, they are going to be on their phones a lot and it’ll do well for you not to try to limit that part of them but rather, see how you can use it to your benefit. What are they doing on their phones? What can you do to actually use this particular skill to your advantage? Think of it!

Now that you know and understand millennials, how can you work better with them?

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