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Personal Branding using Digital-Social Media …

In order to understand what personal branding is, I think you need to understand what a brand is in general. You are a brand, I’m a brand, we’re all different brands and we all have a particular aim. When you are trying to brand yourself via social media, you need to figure out what you want your statement to be. It is vital to brand yourself via social media nowadays.

1. Choose 1 to 3 different areas of expertise

When you are branding yourself, you want to make sure you aren’t just blanketing the branding out there. You want to pick a few areas of expertise, expand on those and then people will be able to get a sense of who you are easier. Trust me on this!

2. Keep the same look across all social media channels

You don’t want to have your Facebook and Linkedin look completely different, you should have the same look and feel across all of your social media channels. You also should be pretty careful about what you share. It’s hard to do that when you want at least one channel to be personal, but make sure to keep most of it professional too.

3. Your bio is important

Finally, add in a bio. That is how people are really going to get to know you and understand who you are. Write up who you are, make it interesting, make it something that you’d want to read.

Now that you know how to brand yourself, what are some of the other ways that you can use social media? How do you currently brand yourself?

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