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Although you can’t expect to make big bank overnight with your blog, you should be able to monetize it if you follow even the most basic techniques to do so. If you’re doing everything right but not seeing any return after a reasonable amount of time, there’s something wrong. Up to a certain point, you may blame your audience or your writers, if you have any, but after that … it’s not them. It’s you. Perhaps you’re making one of these mistakes

Nobody Likes You

Literally. If you get few, if any, likes or favorites on your articles, statuses, or updates, there’s a problem. It’s a problem if no one likes your blog posts and it’s a problem if no one likes what they see on your social media. It really isn’t them. Consider what you’re putting out there – the main focus, the content, the tone.

Nobody Talks to You

A lack of comments is a big red warning sign, as well. If no one’s talking to you, then no one’s talking about you, either. When you depend on the internet to make money, then a lack of buzz basically means you don’t exist.

Your Niche Doesn’t Appear on Your Bookshelf

This means you don’t know nearly as much about your niche as you think you do. You’re not an expert on the topic. If you’ve never read a book on the topic of your focus, you picked the wrong focus.

You Never Say Anything New

Do you struggle to find new relevant topics to write about? Do you have to troll other blogs and sites to come up with ideas? This struggle to think outside the box and come up with fresh ideas means you have absolutely no passion for your niche. That’s a total waste of time.

Tell the truth. Have you ever picked the wrong niche?

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