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Working from Home: Productive or Not Productive?

Working from home is the dream for many adults. Unfortunately, there’s this idealized vision of what it means to work from home. People get the idea that folks who work from home lounge around all day, take long working vacations, or spend all their time sitting in Starbucks with their laptops in front of them. The truth is that working from home is, in itself, hard work, and not everyone who tries to work from home will succeed.

To be productive when you work from home, you cannot treat it like a vacation. You may joke about spending all day in your pajamas, but make sure it remains a joke. It’s so much better to create a set schedule for yourself from the beginning. People who think that working from home means never being professional or responsible again are in for a rude awakening. Although you can set your own hours, you still need to actually set some hours. You don’t have to work the traditional 9-5, but make sure you get up, get ready, get dressed, and create a set of working hours that you adhere to every day.

You also need a dedicated work space. Again, it’s fun to glamorize your job and tell everyone that you do indeed spend all day at Starbucks, or that you work from your couch, watching Netflix in the background, but if you really do those things, you’ll never accomplish any of your tasks. Distractions are ten times worse when you don’t have an entire office full of people because then there’s no one to hold you accountable for spending an hour on Buzzfeed in the middle of the day.

To successfully work from home, you have to be self-motivated, a real self-starter. Otherwise, you’ll have lots of fun, sure, but you won’t get a thing done.

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