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You’re Probably Making These Mistakes on Tumblr

Tumblr may seem like a haven for teens and young twenty-somethings, but the micro-blogging platform is popular among people of all ages. Moreover, it’s a largely untapped resource for businesses and companies. You can use it even if its core users are not your target demographic. You do have to be careful, however, because there are several Tumblr mistakes that can easily send your blog toppling to the very bottom of the popularity pit.

It’s All about the Visuals

Tumblr is unique because it depends on visuals. Although users do blog about their thoughts and feelings, post essays, and share “text posts,” as they’re called, pictures, videos, and memes make up the majority of the content. The idea is to inspire, entertain, and provoke. Snark is highly valued on the platform and humor is like currency – if you’re funny, they will follow. It’s essential to avoid coming off like a brand. You absolutely cannot blog solely about the product- or brand-related subjects.

Never Neglect the Community

All social media platforms revolve around community, but none more so than Tumblr, partly because the user base will freeze you out if you don’t respect the community. In this case, you can’t simply post your own content. You need to reblog the content your followers share, as well. Leave comments when you can, like anything that appeals to you, and always reblog.

Don’t Misuse Trending Topics

Like Twitter, Tumblr has trending topics every day. Tagging those topics in your post increases your reach across the platform, so it’s vital to pay attention to them and use them – but only where applicable. You cannot use a trending topic to attract attention if you aren’t sharing anything relevant. You’ll get called out quickly.

Used the right way, Tumblr can open up your business to a whole new market. If you’re not familiar with the platform or if you’ve only used it on a personal level, hang out and observe things for a few weeks before posting anything yourself. Pay special attention to other, successful brands on Tumblr to see how it works for businesses.

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